“Friends of Dorothy” embodies a Showroom
in the heart of the colorful and queer Schöneberger quarter.

FOD inspires artists from all over the world to realize their works, projects and thoughts. Our space in the "meeting room" of the marketing agency "newman media berlin" creates a whole new atmosphere. From a gallery, over a showroom, to a Pop-Up Store - there is no limit for creativity. We see pictures and videos: animated and moved. Projects and ideas – Attaching the viewer, touching their hearts and stimulating to reflect on themselves. Let us create unique and unforgettable moments. "Even the smallest step can leave

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A space for creativity

The newman media berlin

We, the Friends of Dorothy, firmly believe that everyone has the opportunity to change the world. We just have to start with ourselves and trust in ourselves. As hard as it may sometimes seem, we must give each other courage and encourage each other after setbacks or problems. FOD creates incentives to question oneself and to believe in oneself. We cordially invite everyone to participate, take a part and to implement ideas with us together or to present our own projects.